Monday, April 7, 2008

I've been tagged Stella
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1) I am passive aggressively competitive. I only just realized this in the past year. When I run with someone, I naturally run half a step ahead, and I will run faster than them...unless they are much faster than me. At the end of a run, I always run faster, and have problems restraining myself from sprinting to the finish. And when I run with someone, I finish a step or two ahead. This is funny because I am a back of the pack runner.

2) For most of my life, I have not had the finances to take regular horseback lessons, and as a result, I've developed an uncanny ability to find other people's horses to ride for free.

3) My stingy side and my hippie side are constantly at war. I shop local and organic approximately half the time.

4) I love plants and gardening and watching things grow, but I don't have a particularly green thumb, which results in half of my houseplants dying or looking unhealthy. This, however, does not keep me from buying plants or seeds.

5) I love cooking, but I often forget how long things take to make...especially breads. Somehow 10pm does not seem the most desirable time for fresh bread...

6) I went into animal science in college because I love animals and thought I wanted to be a 90% of my fellow majors. I had been known to be walking around campus with a caboodle (remember those? mine was purple and sparkly) containing mice I was nursing. Then I decided I would not be a vet and now I torture mice (well not technically, they are anesthetized) for a job...does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

I'm going to tag: trashalou, insanknitty, and ponyknit

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