Friday, September 28, 2007

9 days

In 9 days I will be getting married. Until that point, I have a really really long list of things to accomplish. The whole wedding planning process has not been something that I enjoy and I'm pretty sure because it is my innate sense of stinginess. However, the time for stinginess has come and gone, and I'm now buying cake toppers and aisle runners and cake boxes and all sorts of stuff I never saw myself "wasting" money on. And my Vermont friends have been acting as my bridesmaids, helping me assemble invitations and favor tags and all sorts of things my Massachusetts bridesmaids just aren't close enough to help with. So I guess I'm lucky, because if my wedding was tomorrow, I would have enough done to pull it off and still have fun. It is all the little extras I have to worry about now, including facecloth #5, and the other little things that make wedding planning feel like an experience and not just a symbolic ceremony.
So #4 is done, #5 on the needles, and with any luck I'll have time to block and weave the ends in before I leave on thursday night with wedding stuff, honeymoon stuff, kitty and kitty stuff and bunny with bunny stuff. (That's going to be a fun car ride.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More facecloths...

2 of 5 done. I'm still on schedule if I don't have to redo #3 in green. It was my first experience knitting in the round and on double pointed needles and making bobbles. I still don't know how I feel about the bobbles. They just kind of look like knots to me, but I don't dislike them so much that I've altered the pattern for #3. Speaking of #3, I was all good until my second glass of wine and then...ahhhhh! All my stitiches were falling off on my last row and I lost my stitch marker and I tried to recover them but....there are now two lines of yarn in the center, meaning....I'm missing 2 rows? I don't know. I no longer know how to fix it, and I do wish I had a knitting community and some experienced knitter I could just shove this to and say, "Help me!" There has been very little available time for knitting these cloths, and if I'm now one behind...I'd probably have to call in sick one day to finish pre-wedding :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What kind of knitting needles are you?

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My sister loves butterflies.

I finally finished one of five facecloths I'm working on. It even has unintentional kitty interference.

The next four will be the Mason Dixon bobble cloths, if I can figure out the pattern. When you're working in the round, when do you join? On your first row? Immediately after you cast on? I feel this should not be confusing me as much as it does, but I really wanted the pattern to say, "Join here." Instead, there was just vague referencing to working in the round, but that's not very helpful to self-taught me. I'm sure someone online somewhere has a tutorial.

Last weekend we left at noon to go to MA for our wedding lisense. We gave ourselves ~an hour leeway, and still ended up with me weaving the car and driving offensively thourgh western MA. We got to Westfield city hall at 4:55, raced inside and got to the clerk's office by 4:57. The first woman who "helped" us probably would have made us skip a full day of work and come another day. Thankfully there was a really nice lady who stayed 10 minutes late. The next morning we met with the reception wedding cooridinator, then the DJ, then the florist, then drove to southern NH for my dress fitting. By that time we were both a bit worn out and drove the 3 hours back to VT, but because of that crazy day, I got a 10.5 mile run in on Sunday and we even got to watch the Pats game. I love being home on Sundays. And I will absolutely adore November when I will be wedded, unpacked, thank you'd, and only have to go to MA for Thanksgiving :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The beginning of many facecloths to come

Some friends came up from MA and we took them to old Montreal and up Mount Royal for sunset. It was a gorgeous day. Mount Royal appears to be covered in semi-tame racoons, which there were many people feeding. Whenever I see something like that, I am torn between berating people for feeding wild animals. They are after all tame, not domesicated and they could hurt someone, not to mention becoming dependent on people for feeding. But the other part of me wants to go pet them, so I understand where people are coming from :)

Instead of knitting and doing the other wedding planning stuff I should be concentrating on, I finished reading The Red Tent. I'd heard it was a really good book, and I wasn't disappointed.

I also did 9.5 miles for my long run this week, faster and more comfortably than my 10 last week. It must have been dehydration that was bothering me last week. Our run was in South Hero, and island in Lake Champlain. It was beautiful weather and a gorgeous route. Mile 3 had a vineyard, and there was a farm stand that we got maple creemees at afterwards. Creemees make a fantastic breakfast.