Thursday, May 28, 2009

Think I'm Gonna Cheat

I'm done knitting the baby blanket for my sister's shower this weekend. I have not yet started the process of weaving in all those ends...or piecing together the elephant...and I'm out of time. Luckily it doesn't really need blocking.
Unluckily, I have shower "stuff" to do tonight instead of spending my hours weaving in all those ends.
So I might be cheating a bit...we'll see how that goes. I got Myha to sit in on the pic so you could see the size. I'm pretty happy with it, but if I had more time and more dark blue yarn I probably would have doubled or even tripled the border length.
Honestly, I'll just be happy when this week is over :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sometimes I Commute by Bike

And when I do, I often stop for groceries on the way home. My Trek doesn't have a basket, or anywhere to store my purchases, save my backpack. More than once, I have tried to balance a grocery bag of food on each handle bar. It is precarious at best, and has resulted in the ruination of at least one of my chico bags from the near constant brush against the tire spokes as the bags swing.

I've been looking at bike baskets, which aren't too expensive, but I worry that I and my Trek are not retro enough to pull off the wicker basket. And though my bike is uncool enough for the metal basket, I just don't like it.

If I had a million dollars, this is probably what I would get. Just pile in groceries, children, flowers, gardening tools. Genius :) Since I am not a millionaire, and you probably aren't either, they are having a contest.