Friday, February 8, 2013

Pinterest Pins Review Day: Orange Vinegar

I love Pinterest. No, I don't think you understand: I LOVE  Pinterest.  I have dozens of boards, hundreds of pins.  Sometimes, I actually get around to trying some of them.  So far, there have been more than a few failed Pins.  So I thought it would be great to review the ones that I've tried.

Orange Vinegar has been sitting on my DIY Household board for awhile.  It had such a pretty picture of orange peels and vinegar in canning jars.  In truth, pretty much any glass jar woos me.  Canning, mason, those gorgeous ones with the attached lids....I'm pretty sure if you stick something in a jar it instantly becomes more attractive.  That caused me to be a bit skeptical of the premise.  Orange peels and vinegar, let it sit 2 weeks and then you have orange scented vinegar.  Really?


It's clementine season in Israel, or wherever those clementines are coming from across the ocean.  Clementines are the perfect snack size for toddlers, so we always have a steady supply of citrus peels.  I popped some in a jar, added some vinegar and gave it a few weeks.  The peels were not gorgeous (even in a glass jar!) at the end of a few weeks, but the resulting vinegar had a decently strong scent of clementine.

We use a lot of vinegar in our house, as I have mostly given up commercial cleaners, so I am pretty psyched to have such an easy and economical way to make it smell prettier!

Note: you can see little bits of peels in the finished product.  I strained my vinegar through a fine mesh strainer.  If you want all of the peel out, you could probably strain through cheesecloth or a coffee filter.