Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cocoa Swap Package

My Cocoa Swap partner dropped off the face of the earth. This was the first time that's happened to me in a swap. As with others who have been ditched, there was the few weeks where I thought it still might be coming, and I would check the package locker to see if they had a key missing...which might be in my mailbox...I was rather disappointed.

But JoAnn became my angel. She has been in regular contact since she became my angel. First, I got an email saying I would be getting some stitch markers from her friend Mary at Blume's Acessories
Aren't the stitch markers gorgeous? The purple ones are a continuous chain that will be awesome for pattern repeats. The stitch marker wallet has room for 30 stitch markers, and is so much classier than the ziplock bag I've been using :)

Then I got an email Monday morning from JoAnn letting me know that the package was coming in 4-5 days. So it was my surprise when I came home later that same day to a box in the mail for me! That's two different types of Biscotti, two different types of awesome Ghirardelli hot cocoas (one is double chocolate and one is white mocha, yum), and limited edition Cherry M&Ms (already opened in picture, I just had to try them). JoAnn sent me a Ghirardelli chocolate bar to make the iced chocolate drink recipe on the back, since the weather is now so springy. There might have been an audible squeal of delight when I pulled out Stitch'n Bitch Nation, which I've been wanting. My buddy is a butterfly washcloth, isn't it cute? It will definitely brighten the kitchen sink. And the yarn, of course, gets it's own picture:
Still a bit blurry, despite my best non-shaking efforts, the yarn is Austermann Step. It has Aloe Vera and Jojoba in it. I can't wait to knit with it, and did I mention that it's superwash? Such a lazy laundry doer am I that I heart superwash. JoAnn also gave me gorgeous Brittany dpns. Maybe this will help me get over my inability to choose a first sock pattern. It's self-striping, so I can just make a regular sock :)
Thanks JoAnn! I love everything!


Lesley said...

oh what a wonderful package! So glad this worked out for you!


jopal said...

You are very welcome! Sorry it took so long! Enjoy - esp the frozen hot cocoa!

trashalou said...

Wow! Good angel-ing! The wait was worth it. I look forward to seeing your self-striping jojoba socks!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, I'm so sorry that you had a poor match for the start of the swap, but thrilled you got such a nice package in the end. mary's stitch markers are lovely, and so are her holders.. I have 2 myself :-)