Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey look! It's a yarn monster!

Here's what I've been doing for the past week instead of any knitting: That's right, I'm now on day 7 of turning this yarn monster slooooooooowly into a ball. Emphasis on slowly. I've even had Matt helping me. It all started out so innocent, looking like a simple skein to unwind, and then 2 hours later I had a little bitty ball and a half-knotted pile 'o' yarn.

I'm in a ravelry group called Dash for Stash. I've ran enough miles to get this. However, 950 meters (that's more than a half a mile of yarn people!) of single ply lace weight merino has been making me crave this.

I have quite a few more miles to run before this reward...but I could get just a swift...

1 comment:

stella said...

I just bought myself a swift, and it was literally changed my life. They may still be on sale at if you hurry.. :)