Thursday, April 17, 2008

Endpaper Mitts Frogged...

The Endpaper Mitts and I had a difference in opinion the other day, resulting in me frogging the whole thing.
I got to the thumb gussett, and I realized that it was not symmetrical.

Because instead of reading the rows of the charts back and forth, I would read to the end of a line and start at teh beginning. This didn't matter when the chart was a mirror image, but when the increases started, it became asymmetric. I realize that I could have just taken it out row by row until the first row of increases, but the idea of doing that on those little dpns made me rip the whole thing up. There goes any confidence I once had reading charts :)

I think the Endpaper Mitts and I need some time apart.

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trashalou said...

i hate reversing a pattern, it just never seems to work for me.