Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Banishment of Yarn Monsters

My swift has arrived. Yarn monsters are henceforth banished.
I might need a life :)

Not only is this swift amazing and functional and completely collapsible, it's also my first Etsy purchase. And, by the way, fairly cheaper than the other swifts I've been looking at online. Bonus.

I have been knitting, I just have no pictures to show. I cast on the Austermann yarn on the birch dpns for my first socks. However, right now it's only a cuff, so it's not very exciting. And because I am such a fast knitter *snort* I also cast on for my first shawl. I decided on the Juno pattern, and I'm just delving into chart 2 of the Juno pattern on Knitty. Matt picked that pattern as his favorite of the ones I'd been looking at....but I think it's because he is uncomfortable with triangular shawls :) So no pictures of that because while I think it's all very pretty and pink and shawl looking, there is also not much lace to look at yet. There will be more knitting in the future because my marathon training is now officially at the "taper" stage. Which means I don't have to run a lot. And I get to eat lots of pasta. But who am I kidding, I always eat lots of pasta...


heather said...

Wow - that's a great looking swift and the prices are fantastic! I love the fact that it's collapsible too. Enjoy your pasta phase of training. That sounds like the most enjoyable part to me... :-)

Joan said...

I have the same style of swift and could never live without it. House on fire and can grab one thing? It's my Mama Bear swift! ;-p