Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The live action pinball game is over

For ten days starting before Christmas until New Year's, my husband and I have played the role of pinballs in a central New England pinball game. We drove over 1000 miles over the course of those days through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. We attended 1 bachelorette party (Matt was not allowed), 3 family Christmas parties, one wedding, and had dinner with three different sets of friends all over Massachusetts. We got back home to Vermont to one frantically unloved kitty (Myha does not believe that people who come to feed her count as quality kitty love time) and one grouchy rabbit. Whew!

I had brought a rather ambitious collection of things to knit with us and I picked up my needles only a few times and only made progess on Matt's scarf, which he finally inferred that he was not impressed with the pattern. So now I am on the lookout for Celtic knots scarf patterns.

And despite already having a more than modest list of things to knit, WEBS was having an excellent sale and I acquired more yarn, most of which I have only vague plans for.

Though I never usually enjoy going back to work after a break, I am enjoying the return to a regular schedule. Matt must be rubbing off on me. I must do something about sign up for the Vermont Ciity Marathon...

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Joan said...

So.... what did you find at WEBS??? ;-p

I've knit the Irish Hiking Scarf for guys and they all seem to love it. Easy knit w/ cables.

Happy New Year!
Enjoy your cocoa swap.