Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Knitting to classical music

Last night I volunteered to do parking for Mozart and I realized why I usually never volunteer during weeknights. I am exhuasted. It's not that my day job is so intellectually stimulating or demanding, it's just that after work, I want to relax and knit and have a nice dinner. Maybe had I not had to walk into my mess of boxes and stuff for the past week, I would have more energy, but walking into this mess that has no home yet is just....exhuasting.

The concert was at a small but cute venue up in the islands, and there were alot of us parkers and not alot of cars. Which made the parking time crawl. But the concert was nice and relaxing once the time came. And being alone, I got a decent amount of knitting done and am almost finished with the baby bib. I also got some great ideas from a Get Stitchy forum about some simple embroidery I can sew on tio make it not so plain and boring when the time comes.

It's a good thing I only do small projects, because I knit about as fast as a turtle runs :)

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