Monday, August 27, 2007

What I've been doing

I have not been knitting. I've gotten sper involved in my first real fantasy series (You can't really count Harry Potter or Eragon, can you?) which is Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. I'm almost through the first book and I definintely should have waited until after the wedding to start a book series. So I've been splitting my time between reading punctuated by housework and wedding stuff.

I have started a knitted square to be made into a blanket, and the deadline to mail it in is this week, so I'll have to get on that.

I finally made it to another group run and did 10 miles with my old marathon training buddy Silvie, who, just like old times provided me with water and energy beans during the run. Ten miles is my longest run in quite a few months, and it was ok until after I finished. After a quick hop in the lake, a lovely Lake Champlain post run benefit, we always go for breakfast. I must have not been hydrated enough, or maybe I should have eaten something before my run, but in any case I turned quite ghostly and could not eat my bagel. But after a few quality hours of couch time with Robert Jordan and quite a bit of water ameliorated my semi-sickness. I just wish I knew exactly what made me feel sick so I can avoid it in the future.


Joan said...

10 miles??!! Oh, to be young again. ;-p

Windyridge said...

Thanks for visitng my blog and yes the man left the hospital so he will be ok. Please stop by again.
Good luck with your wedding!