Friday, July 27, 2007

So little knitting...

Wednesday, I received a phone call from my roommate. The one I haven't been living with since the beginning of June. This upcoming weekend was one of the first free one since the big move, that I had planned to move all the miscellaneous fiber, yarn, plants, and mismatched dishwear out. However, my roommates call was to tell me that she had been informed that we were being let out of our lease early, but now we were going to be checked out friday morning. Less than 48 hours away! So I have been spending most of my free time packing, and moving, and throwing out clothing and furniture that I was planning on freecycling. I do hate the waste that results from rushed moving. Soooo much cardboard and paper I had to throw out because I missed the recycling day. And you know what I did tuesday night, unknowing in the moving frenzy that was to follow? I watched While You Were Sleeping en francais and knit a bit for the Mason Dixon baby bib, a really simple pattern in garter stitch. Had I been wiser, I could have moved the moving frenzy to tuesday and wednesday nights, and been free to play and allow Matt to play in our soccer games.

So now our condo is completely full of crap and a very confused kitty.

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Amanda said...

Sorry about your moving crisis.. that's annoying! I hate moving.

In more cheery news, I love the color that you're knitting the baby bib in! I think a cute-sy button will finish it off nicely. Remember, as long as they are babies, we get to dress them in goofy things with goofy buttons. After a few years, they start protesting a bit.