Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blanket Square: Done

I finally finished the blanket square I have been avoiding like the plague in favor of more urgent wedding planning or condo related activities. It is for an online knitting group that gives ideas for using up your stash odds and ends, and I was supposed to use worsted weight yarn. However, the only ww I have on hand is P&C, and I hate the idea of making a blanket square from dishcloth cotton, so I used a bulkier yarn. It's probably acrylic but nice and blanket snuggly, and hopefully it's ok.

I used a dishcloth pattern with twisted, cable-like columns, but a smaller gauge needle then I would normally use for this bulky a yarn to get the size the required 7x7 inches. I think alot of the pattern is indiscernable between the kind of tight knitting and the color varigation, but I'm sure once it's just a patch in a blanket it will be fine.

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Joan said...

Your swatch looks great, esp in that luscious purple. ;-}