Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The anti-bride

This past weekend was a planted fake event so that my bridal shower was a surprise. And surprise it was. One of Matt's aunts is a quilter, and made us a quilt out of Matt's mother's wedding gown, and Matt's grandmother's wedding gown, and incorporated purple, my bridesmaid's dress colors. It is beautiful and it made me cry. They also managed to find a gorgeous heirloom linen pillowcase that has my initials cross stitched in.
In order to surprise me, the future in laws planted 3 fake events. After the shower they told me about them and were like, "Aren't you happy? You don't have to travel to MA all these weekends!" But....I'm planning a wedding, so I had scheduled meetings with weddings vendors every weekend I was supposed to be down. So the first half of my week was spent desperately trying to reschedule and free up at least one weekend, which I have managed to do.

The other wedding thing that has been keeping me busy (besides trying to find homes for my shower gifts, the thank you writing process, etc.) is that I am sadly behind in the invitation making process, so much so that my friends are going to have to help me tonight. Matt and I are notoriously stingy, so the idea of a Michael's diy invite kit seemed like it would save so much money. But we don't own a printer, and we don't even have parent's that own working printers, so Matt's had to take our invites to work and print it there.

I have started knitting a square for a blanket that I'm mailing for one of my groups, but until the invites are mailed, that is my only concern.
It almost makes me thankful to have these 3+ hour drives down 89 to Massachusetts. I have plenty of time to knit, as long as I make Matt drive.

I know some people love planning their weddings, but I am neither good at it, nor all that interested in picking songs and making place cards and deciding which friends you have room to invite and all the other random details. It was as if, once I found my dress, I expected everything to take care of itself, and the fact that there was so much more to deal with just became an annoyance. Picking registry items? Not fun. So not fun, that when my china pattern was cancelled I thought to myself, how often will this get used, and even more importantly, how often will klutzy me want to hand wash and handle all my really expensive and breakable items?Am I alone here? I'm not a bridezilla, maybe I'm an anti-bride?

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Joan said...

Despised planning my wedding, much to the MIL's chagrin. But it's just a party for other people really. Remember to take occasional deep breaths and look around & soak it up now & then. Your new quilt is absolutely amazing! What a treasure.
Good luck! ;-}