Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Baby bib done!

I finished knitting this awhile ago, but I just managed to get to a craft store to buy the button today. I was going to go cheap and just use an extra, but someone posted a finished bib with a football, and it was so cute I couldn't help myself. Matt had the idea of embroidering "Chew-chew!" onto it, to match the train button, but it turns out that my embroidery skills leave much to be desired. I am considering blocking it, since it's a bit lopsided and uneven in some places, but I've never blocked anything I guess it all depends on my motivation.

The boy booked our honeymoon itinerary today. Two weeks in Greece, including a few days on Mykonos, a few days on Santorini, and a few days around Athens. I found out right after a dentist appointment, so my enthusiasm was stifled by my aching gums. Did you ever wonder why dentists, or dental hygenists, always try to carry conversations with you while their hands are in your mouth? Why would you do that? Do you want to get your hand chewed up?

I'm hoping that in October, once my wedding has flown by as a perfectly executed, stress-free event (haha) I'll have tons of pictures to post that will look like that only prettier and with way cooler ancient structures around me. Maybe I'll take a knitting project with me...

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homesteadinmamma said...

Your honey moon sounds spectacular and I send you best wishes evibes!