Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The beginning of many facecloths to come

Some friends came up from MA and we took them to old Montreal and up Mount Royal for sunset. It was a gorgeous day. Mount Royal appears to be covered in semi-tame racoons, which there were many people feeding. Whenever I see something like that, I am torn between berating people for feeding wild animals. They are after all tame, not domesicated and they could hurt someone, not to mention becoming dependent on people for feeding. But the other part of me wants to go pet them, so I understand where people are coming from :)

Instead of knitting and doing the other wedding planning stuff I should be concentrating on, I finished reading The Red Tent. I'd heard it was a really good book, and I wasn't disappointed.

I also did 9.5 miles for my long run this week, faster and more comfortably than my 10 last week. It must have been dehydration that was bothering me last week. Our run was in South Hero, and island in Lake Champlain. It was beautiful weather and a gorgeous route. Mile 3 had a vineyard, and there was a farm stand that we got maple creemees at afterwards. Creemees make a fantastic breakfast.

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