Friday, September 28, 2007

9 days

In 9 days I will be getting married. Until that point, I have a really really long list of things to accomplish. The whole wedding planning process has not been something that I enjoy and I'm pretty sure because it is my innate sense of stinginess. However, the time for stinginess has come and gone, and I'm now buying cake toppers and aisle runners and cake boxes and all sorts of stuff I never saw myself "wasting" money on. And my Vermont friends have been acting as my bridesmaids, helping me assemble invitations and favor tags and all sorts of things my Massachusetts bridesmaids just aren't close enough to help with. So I guess I'm lucky, because if my wedding was tomorrow, I would have enough done to pull it off and still have fun. It is all the little extras I have to worry about now, including facecloth #5, and the other little things that make wedding planning feel like an experience and not just a symbolic ceremony.
So #4 is done, #5 on the needles, and with any luck I'll have time to block and weave the ends in before I leave on thursday night with wedding stuff, honeymoon stuff, kitty and kitty stuff and bunny with bunny stuff. (That's going to be a fun car ride.)

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