Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My sister loves butterflies.

I finally finished one of five facecloths I'm working on. It even has unintentional kitty interference.

The next four will be the Mason Dixon bobble cloths, if I can figure out the pattern. When you're working in the round, when do you join? On your first row? Immediately after you cast on? I feel this should not be confusing me as much as it does, but I really wanted the pattern to say, "Join here." Instead, there was just vague referencing to working in the round, but that's not very helpful to self-taught me. I'm sure someone online somewhere has a tutorial.

Last weekend we left at noon to go to MA for our wedding lisense. We gave ourselves ~an hour leeway, and still ended up with me weaving the car and driving offensively thourgh western MA. We got to Westfield city hall at 4:55, raced inside and got to the clerk's office by 4:57. The first woman who "helped" us probably would have made us skip a full day of work and come another day. Thankfully there was a really nice lady who stayed 10 minutes late. The next morning we met with the reception wedding cooridinator, then the DJ, then the florist, then drove to southern NH for my dress fitting. By that time we were both a bit worn out and drove the 3 hours back to VT, but because of that crazy day, I got a 10.5 mile run in on Sunday and we even got to watch the Pats game. I love being home on Sundays. And I will absolutely adore November when I will be wedded, unpacked, thank you'd, and only have to go to MA for Thanksgiving :)

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Sinn-no-men said...

I like to knit a few rows before I join in the round because its much easier to make sure you havent twisted anything. I'm sure this is the cheaters way of doing things. LOL Most patterns tell you join right after the cast on (within that first row) being careful not to join.