Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Look, It's a contest!

Alicia from If Ponies Could Knit (I do love that name) is having an excellent contest in honor of Malabrigo March. If you go there, make sure you mention me! I am not sure if Malabrigo and Purewool are the same, but I'd loooove to find out :)
I'm currently in a Purewool Co-op with a package on it's way to me soon, so maybe I'll have my own belated contest when it arrives and I am overwhelmed by peruvian merino.
I'm still plugging along on my Endpaper Mitts. I'm happy to say that thanks to Ravelry, I found the great advice to do a tubular cast on with my size 2 instead of the 0s, and you'll see later this week what a difference it has made.

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ponyknit said...

Thanks for posting, I'm gathering entries now ;)