Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cocoa Swap Contest and Endpaper Mitts Updates

I received the yarn I won from the Cocoa swap about a week ago, but I never got around to posting about it. Isn't it gorgeous?

And these matching stitch markers came with it, from Alabama Fiber Dreams. Isn't it all gorgeous? I don't have immediate plans for the skein, but I've been keeping it on my kitchen table to remind me of spring, which is just around the corner....really, it is. And when it's here, I will finally be able to run outside.

There was an ice storm last weekend, so I did my 14 miles on a treadmill last Sunday. At my pace, that was long enough to watch all of Better Off Dead, with John Cusack and a bit of Meet the Parents. Thank God for tvs at the gym!

I still haven't received my Cocoa Swap package yet. Lesley told me there were post office issues and that it was coming. Post office issues are never fun, I feel sorry for my secret swapper.
Here's a week's worth of knitting. Kinda sad, hunh? I knit even slower on dpns, if that's even possible. But doesn't the tubular cast on look nice? But then again, look at my knitting with my hand for scale. That cuff is never going to fit over my hand. I should give up, retry casting on with size 1 needles instead of those size 0 toothpicks thinly disguised as dpns....but I'm finally on size 2s and starting the colorwork, and I'm going to keep on for at least another week.
Maybe someday I'll get smart and do guage swatches, but I knit more for process than product, and I'm still not confident enough that I keep my tension stable enough so that a guage swatch would help me....but someday...

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trashalou said...

Just have at it! Swatching is for sissies!