Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Conquered: The Tubluar Cast on

I cast on for the Endpaper Mitts that I've had yarn for for months. I attempted a normal tubluar cast on, because Ravelry users seemed to think it more friednly for this project. Ah Ravely, how I love thee.
It actually took me two attempts because I missed the all important words in the knitty tutorial that said to cast on half the amount of total stitches required.
Le sigh.
After my second (successful!) attempt, bolstering in knitting self confidence, and unable to take anymore American Idol (when did Simon get cordial?) I went to sleep. I am officially old.
Does anyone else feel like they're knitting with toothpicks and dental floss on a size 0 needle and fingering weight yarn? My yarn is the silkiest, softest dental floss ever, being made of alpaca and silk...but still. I get hand cramps just holding the needles. I'm sure I'll get used to it and then do my next project on size 11s and get hand cramps because I was used to knitting wit the toothpicks...
Pictures to follow, once there is more than a cast on, which by the way, is the prettiest cast on I've ever done. It might have been even worth the trouble.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Sorry no chat lately.. I've been a bit busy with sick kids again... thinking I might have strep myself so I've avoided the treadmill a bit the last few days...

Just wanted to see if you've received your prize yarn in the mail yet?