Monday, July 23, 2007

And now for some knitting news....

Here are some pictures of my current (as of a week ago) WIPs.
The first set of pictures details the dishcloth set I'm making. I knit them in a fantastic shade of lime green Peaches'n'Cream. The first is a WIP. I adapted the dishcloth pattern from here:
by adding two pattern repeats to make the matching dishtowel, and now that I'm done with the baby blanket maybe I can finish the dishtowel. The second two pics of the set show the finished dishcloth. The second shows the pattern detailing much better, but the WIP pic shows the color truest.
Lastly is my newly finished diagonal baby blanket. I only found one small mess up in my garter, it must have been around when I was trying to watch The Lord of the Rings and knit. Apparently I can only knit to chick flicks and bad television. The yarn I used was Lionsbrand homespun, whose fluffy, bumpy nature luckily covers the mistake pretty well. Hopefully I can manage to get this packed up and mailed to my friend before she has her baby. :) I kind of want to pop out a knitted baby bib and/or spit up cloth that I have the pattern for in the Mason Dixon book, buth that might delay my friend getting the package after she gives birth....but, not like she'll need many blankets in August.

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Adrienne said...

Love your projects! That green is beautiful!