Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sweet Charity

The first project is a secret, but I feel no one will know what it is by the pic. Can you tell?
Because I've been working on mystery A, my hat has taken a back seat. I'm a bit worried that the hat is too big, but I guess it's not too big for a guy. Maybe someday...if I ever work on my dream project.
Myha does love to interfere. I hope the recipient isn't allergic to cats. It has become that time of year...when I get home and it's dark...and all pictures are taken inside in less than stellar lighting. Gotta love the time change.
I got my MRI results back yesterday.
Not a mere meniscus tear; I actually managed to rupture my ACL, as well as bone contusions (bruises), a minor sprain to a ligament on the outside of my knee, and some minor meniscus issues. The ACL tear most probably means surgery, if I ever want to run/hike/horseback ride or play soccer again. But no worries, I have an in for info working in the College of Medicine, so I've got an appointment next week with the best orthopedic knee guy Northern Vermont has. Presently...because not so long ago the best one had a sexual harassment claim against him. That's a bummer for all involved.

This week I went shopping at one of the local organic market in Burlington called City Market. I was a bit wowed by the variety of local apples, many heirloom; all of the local veggie options, the fact that they tell you where all of the produce comes from, the bulk tofu from local Vermont Soy
(and the fact that it was a fraction of the cost of the pre-packaged tofu), the multitude of different bean options, the local meat, and local prepared foods (samosas, Indian meals to go, egg rolls...) Did I mention I was wowed? I will definitely be supporting them more often.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your all your projects

Your AACS parnter -- box should be going out soon....

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your knee, but glad you have a good doc to take care of it.

I am stumped by your mystery project! Lopsided bikini top? Hee!

The market sounds delish. I wish we had an easier-to-access organic market. I was able to score some Georgia-grown heirloom apples, but bulk tofu is awesome!

ponyknit said...

Sorry to hear about your knee! ::Hugs::
Market sounds aweosme!