Saturday, November 8, 2008

Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap Topic #3

This morning I sit here sipping a fresh cup with a bit of cream and some sweetener.. and the first sip makes the morning seem just a bit better than it was before. I love the smell, the warm feel of the cup in my hand, the taste - just everything! What is it that you love about your first cup of the day? Are you a daily drinker? How do you take yours? Tell us how you love to enjoy your first cup!

I love holding the warm mug in my hands and smelling the coffee, especially on cold mornings. The caffeine, of course, is essential for Monday mornings :) I drink coffee mostly on the weekdays. My co-worker often makes a pot of dark roast (or as he calls it, "monkey sweat") in the morning that a few of us split. I use a sugar in the raw packet and a bit of half and half in a nice thick ceramic mug. When I make coffee on lazy weekends, I sometimes add chocolate and make mocha. My mugs at home are huge and covered in blue and green vines, I just love them.

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