Friday, October 24, 2008

Yup, Another Injury

I was playing soccer on Wednesday night, like I always do. I am a klutz, so some sort of bruise or injury to myself is expected. The decade of ballet lessons make my tumbles and rolls graceful.


This session I've had the usual plethora of bruises plus the cankle. No big deal. But, you know, I thought the cankle would have been the big injury for the session. Not as bad as the night I got hit in the nose Martha Brady style a mere four days before my wedding, but enough pain that I didn't see the injury coming. So I'm running and kicking and carrying and the team we're playing is good and they're running us around a bit. I think that I'm going to have to take the aggression up a notch to compete. So I'm on this guy in red shorts and I'm playing defense and he, as most are most guys, taller, faster, stronger. But this does not dissuade me. I will take the soccer ball from red shorts. I will not be intimidated by his size, speed, strength.

I kick the ball from red shorts.

But not far enough.

We're both trying to gain control of the ball. Red shorts gets the ball, and I throw my leg through the space between his to kick it away. Red shorts leans, and twists to keep the ball, twisting my leg with his momentum and...


And a girly scream that most certainly could not have come from me erupts into the air as I collapse in pain.

It is so dramatically embarrassing that the ref immediately pauses the game as everyone crowds are me.

They thought I'd torn my ACL. They thought I'd torn my MCL. They think it's somewhere in my knee. It's not. I told them, but the ref did all sorts of pulling and pushing in all the spots that are supposed to be correlated to the MCL and ACL to no pain from me. It's suspiciously close to my knee, but on the outside; a tendon or ligament that is affected when you twist or torque your leg or ankle. The same one that I have previously had tendonitos in when doing marathon training.

Le sigh.

That's all I know for now.
I can walk with a limp for now. I can't bend tighter thatn 90 degrees and I can't lock my knee. I'm giving it a few days, as with all things medical to resolve it before I see a doctor. Tendons are tough, because they don't have very good bloodflow, and tend to take longer to heal than muscles.

No hiking for me this weekend.

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allisonmariecat said...

Oh, no! Healing thoughts coming your way. Twisting + popping sound...yikes.

At least you can still knit :) I really hope it's better soon. Take care of yourself.