Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweater Progress

There's not been much progress to show, but enough to take a picture of:

The yarn is gorgeous, heathered with pinks and blues. If only I could get myself to cast that piece off and start on the next piece...
Less picture worthy is the elephant that I have yet to sew together. My sister's baby is hovering on a month old....hopefully I'll get around to it by the christening next month.

It's been a busy month. (Excuses, excuses...) We went to the Finger Lakes with friends for the Fourth of July and got to stay at an awesome house right on Lake Canandaigua. Our friends got their very own designated driver for a day of wine touring. The vineyards out there have gorgeous gardens, gorgeous landscaping, gorgeous lake views, gorgeous swans...yup, gorgeous swans :) Perhaps when I am not so pregnant, I'll be able to do some tasting myself.
And no month without blogging would do without at least one weekend of trucking down to Western MA. We had a lovely hike up Monument Mountain in the Berkshires, complete with some wild blueberry foraging. I must be getting a bit spoiled on the Green Mountains though, because we go to the top....and I was hoping for a bit more mountain to hike up.
Last weekend we had people up for Brew Fest. Yet another event that made me really miss the occasional imbibing of alcoholic beverages. Not to complain too much. They put on the festival on the Burlington waterfront and it's a gorgeous place to hang out.

Yesterday we also spent our energy volunteering for the Mozart Festival. Beautiful classical music in some of the most gorgeous settings in the area. But parking and un-parking hundreds of cars is exhausting, and I still have some sleep to catch up on. Hopefully next time, I'll have more knitting to show in less time. That's the dream anyways :)

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