Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tilted Duster Prep

Ready to start my first sweater project. I finally got to put the skein winder and ball winder to good use. Husband was amused by how amused the whole setup made me.
So easy!
No resulting yarn tangles!
I heart my ball winder :)Matt really wanted to know why yarn was not sold in yarn balls, if skeins were so difficult to knit from.
I really wanted a logical answer but all I could come up with was,
"Because skeins are pretty, Matthew."
Am I missing something?
My pretty purple yarn balls.
Prettier than skeins?
You be the judge.I've decided to limit the baby knitting until we find out the gender. If Baby is cooperating, that might in just 3 weeks.
I really love gender specific baby patterns :)

In other news, I finally made it to my second Red Sox game. It only took 17 years. (Seriously, the last game I went to was with my DARE class in elementary school.)
Luckily, it was hugely more entertaining than the one I went to back in the '90s during their less awesome years. For starters, I actually kind of follow the team now. They were playing the Marlins and between Big Papi's homerun, and then not striking out at all (it's the small stuff), Ellsbury stealing bases left and right, some excellent knuckleballs from Wakefield, and you know, actually winning the game (a great change from my last game) , I just wish Boston was a little closer so we could go more often.


allisonmariecat said...

Your swift is gorgeous!

I think "skeins are pretty" sums it up. I can't think of another reason, really :) Very nice purple for the duster!

Oh, I hope you find out Baby's gender! It's so nice to be able to plan...

ponyknit said...

Beautiful swift!
I always thought it had to do with the dying and it being easier just to keep it in a hank after it is dry. Also, I'd think you get to see a lot more of the colors and variation in the hank if it's not wound into a skein. I could be making all that up.
I agree, it's pretty!
Nice purple for the duster. I have my first sweater lingering OTN. Happy first sweater!
It'll be nice to be able to plan once you find out the baby's gender, I always think it's easier to pick patterns when you don't have to pick something neutral.

ponyknit said...

P.S. Go Sox! Can't beat going in person to a game!