Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mystery Revealed

Awhile back, I had been knitting something secret for my coffee swap buddy that I asked people to guess about.
Apparently it really looked like a lopsided bikini top :)

And while it is difficult to predict what something will be at 30% completion, I feared the picture below might have given the surprise away:

Can you tell what it is now?

Headband for someone with a smaller head than mine? (Freakishly smaller...)


Sushi set coaster? (For keeping your sushi nice and mildly cool...?)


Dishtowel flattening device?




It's just a cozy.

It's actually a french press cozy.
When I took this picture, I didn't own a french press. Now I do thanks to a great birthday present from my friend. (Thanks Michelle!)
Teapot, french press, you get the general idea. Love the color and the stitch pattern and the Lamb's Pride yarn. Do not love grafting.


allisonmariecat said...

Oh I LOVE it! I knit an imperfect yet functional French press cozy, but we lost it when the carafe shattered, full of coffee. I didn't care to pick all the glass bits out of the cozy and then remove the coffee stain, so I've been idly thinking of doing something a bit different. I really like the shape and ease!

ponyknit said...

Super cute!