Friday, February 8, 2008

FO: Yoga Bag

I've been using this for a solid year, but I've never posted about it. It wasn't needle knit, it was done on a loom. Despite using it, I'm always looking at "better" patterns like Namaste. However, almost every time I go to a yoga class, someone compliments me on it.

Yarn: Red Heart, worsted weight
Pattern: none
Loom:Red Knifty Knitter loom

I just used a single strand on this loom until I had a tube of appropriate length. I gathered the stiches on one end together to close it off, and knit a length of braided yarn to go through the stitches on the other end. I make a panel on the loom of four stitches to be the shoulder strap.

The Red Heart Acrylic is stretchy, so it's easy to get the yoga mat in and out, especially because the single yarn on the loom makes suck a loose material. But because it's so stretchy, it kind of stretches and doesn't look as pretty as material bags when you wear it on your shoulder. I'm not going to defend my Red Heart purchase or explain it. It's cheap yarn and you can wash it. *shrug* If I were to knit another one, I would probably use a yarn with some cotton to cut down on stretchiness, and I'd also weave to bottom, so it would lie flat against the mat.

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Joan said...

Great bag! I am always felting assorted bags for my aunt & uncle the yoga teachers and the students always go nuts for them. I should probably knit some spares for them to sell for me. ;-}