Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cocoa swap FOs

Since my cocoa buddy has gotten her package, I can post what I've been up too, besides ignoring my so called scarf, which is so close to done that's it is positively silly for me to ignore it.

The owl was a buddy I included is the first toy I've ever knitted, and it was really fun. Once more of my friends start reproducing, I'm sure I'll have more excuses to make toys. I do love making baby things because of the instant gratification aspect, so hopefully my married friends will start making babies soon :)
And I am absolutely enamored with painting knitting needles. It is almost better than knitting itself. I might get some really fine hair brushes and start trying to do more detailed work. How cute would knitting needles be with sheep on them?

In other news, making yarn bowls might take awhile. My third attempt on the pottery wheel resulted in finally centering the clay (or close enough to centering it) and making a bowl....and then the top got all wobbly and uneven and it went "flop." Someday, yarn bowl you will be mine...

Last night I tried casting on for a hat with a provisional cast on, which I learned where I learn everything (), and it was just not working. It is those days that I covet people with experienced knitting friends or with knitting groups.


Anonymous said...

Have you looked into local yarn stores? That's where I get a lot of great tips and schmooze with knitters more skilled than I am. :)

dee said...

We love goldie (named for his golden eyes),the owl,each of my kids, save the 16 yr old, has tried to steal him from me. I have been meaning to ask you what yarn you used? It's so very soft!

ponyknit said...

I have one experienced knitting friend. We wish we had more knitting friends to get help from in person. It WOULD be nice.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good to know you didn't drown yourself on that incline bench ;)
I've beendrawn to the so called scarf because it looks so beautiful, that's why I keep suffering and ripping when it isn't right.

Elizabeth said...

The owl looks great. I understand what you mean about not having anyone to ask questions to. I don't have anyone local who knits more than garter stitch to talk to.
You have probably already done it but try looking up techniques on ravelry. It's where I go to get help.

trashalou said...

Aren't toys the best?

Just a ball of wool and a little time & effort will get you a fabulous result without the saga of swatching, will it fit, deciding you no longer love the colour and all the crubbish involved in 'grown-up' knitting.

Viva la toys!!!