Monday, November 19, 2007

Stash Amassed...

I have been browsing the projects section of Ravelry lately, you know, instead of knitting or catalouging my own projects....and I found this gorgeous, not to big for me too handle piece of fair isle. And because I am no longer afraid of charts and colorwork, I was pretty excited about a yarn choosing expedition.
I got more than enough fingering weight yarn and a few other gorgeous hand-dyed pretties (the big gorgeous skeins are Great Adirondack Company yarn made with Texas Bighorn) and went on my way.

I got home and looked at my choices for the wrist warmers and I was just not happy with the colors I had chosen. Purple and green? And in those shades? I guess my critical thinking skills are hampered by the yarn euphoria of a yarn store.

So I went off to a different LYS (I don't want to give just one all my business) and bought two different colors which I was much happier with. Then I went home and saw that my new selections looked closer to laceweight than fingering weight. Sigh. I don't have enough of the new colors to hold the yarn double, and I don't particularly want this project to cost $30, so I'm not sure what to do. Maybe move up a needle size? Make the large size? I don't know, I guess wristwarmers are a small enough project where I can just keep trying different things. Or I'll buy more yarn.....

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