Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Knitting Blog No Longer

It has been a few years.

I've had another child.

I've moved into a perfect for our family house.

I've done some traveling and had some amazing experiences that I did not share here.

I even did some *gasp* knitting.  Not that I've done any in the nine months since kiddo #2 came...

But I have missed blogging; taking pictures of my small accomplishments and writing miniature stories to share with my two faithful followers.  (Hi, Mom and Dad!)

I would like to continue blogging, but this will no longer be a knitting blog.  to be a knitting blog, you must knit, no?  Instead Knitting in Red Shoes will live on as more of a general "my life is crazy" life blog.  I am a knitter, a runner, a foodie, a stay at home Mom, Master Gardener, farmer wannabe, do it yourself- er, whole-foods-eater, environmentally concerned citizen, outdoor enthusiast, and a budding viticulturist (there's no shame in having to look that one up!).  I am easily a paragraph, if not a novel, and I look forward to detailing my exploits once more in the big wide world of the Internet once again.

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