Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something Finished, Something Not

I finally got around to taking a picture of the soaker I finished a week ago. It's from the frantic mama pattern.I love the spirally stripes the variegated Purewool turned out. You can see how much more even my stockinette is in the round versus on the bottom where I switched to straight needles. I must purl tighter :)

The leg holes seems a bit small, but then, I suppose the cloth diaper will take up a bunch of room. I can always rip it back and pick up more stitches around the hole when Baby Neff plus diaper fits into it. Coming from my stock, chances are his legs will not be skinny :)
I'm pretty sure he's working diligently on building his muscles now. It amazes me how strong some of those kicks are.

I've finally dusted off my Tilted Duster again (I really couldn't resist the corny pun). Hopefully I can put some serious knitting time into that and can finish before fall ends. One of my co-workers is due for her firstborn 7 weeks after me, and I'd really like to knit her something. I guess its a good thing that its getting dark earlier and the weather is getting colder. Less outdoor distractions = more knitting time.


trashalou said...

I love the spiral stripes. I have just found a half-finished sock tonight with similar.

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, it's adorable! Love the striping. Does the ribbing on the leg openings stretch much? Might be fine.

Can't wait to see Tilted Duster again.