Sunday, April 26, 2009

There's Been Some Knitting...

Not much though. I have one more week of classes and then one final and then I will really have to start knitting up a storm.
And start swimming again.
And start biking again.
And start running again.
It's rather amazing how my exercise habits just completely fall apart under the guise of "busy-ness"...

Yesterday we had our first summer day. It was in the 80s and sunny and gorgeous. It's amazing what one warm day will do to plants. Our lawns are now summer green, the bulbs seemed to have started blooming overnight.
So, of course it was cold and rainy today :)

It's all fine by me because I only have one more week of classes!


Jen said...

Being in school always made me appreciate the time when I wasn't in school and could read what I wanted and do what I wanted whenever I wanted. Blanket looks good!

allisonmariecat said...

Lovely! The tilted effect is too cool.

Here, we're moving into summer. The fun that spring had with my new garden: if the forecast said rain and I didn't water, it failed to rain; if the forecast said no rain and I went out and watered, it rained two hours later. Hilarious.