Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Has it Really Been a Month?

A month is gone and I really don't have anything (knitting-wise) to show for it.

I started a baby blanket for my sister and restarted it. I have have finished the elephant pieces, but haven't sewn it together or stuffed it....and I still have to weave in the edges on the baby bootees....you know how I heart finishing :)

I have made some jewelry, but given it away before I took pictures. I made a metal bead and am working on a "mandent" for Matt, which is looking promising.

I also got the OK to run (finally!) and am up to 2 miles at a relaxed pace. I'm pretty happy to be able to run again, even if our Spring seems to have regressed for the time being, and I don't really have the time to do it more than a few times a week. I look forward to running shorts weather. Soon. Please?

My sister's baby shower is in about 8 weeks, so I really need to get on that elephant and blanket. I just really want to knit something simple that I don't have to consult the pattern every two rows or have to seam or put things together. Also, I'd really like to have time every night to sit down with some knitting, but that's my fault.

Instead of knitting, on the nights I don't have classes, I got sucked into The Cider House Rules. Books have a way of really been getting in the way of knitting...or accomplishing all of the things on my To Do List.

I was only supposed to have two classes to worry about; then the undergrad got me all excited about beer brewing, which is a really fun class. And as soon as I find someone to sell me their used equipment, I'll be having some beer brewing fun. All of my classes are really cool, it's just so much time.

I have about 5 weeks of classes left, and until then, there won't be many posts, or much progress :) I passed up the chance to read Stephanie Myer's vampire love story, The Host, in an effort to keep on keeping on.

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allisonmariecat said...

I'm glad you're okay to run again! Come on, spring weather :)

I hope classes go well. Beer brewing sounds fun!