Thursday, February 5, 2009

Matt's Scarf

I finished it awhile ago, but as soon as I wove in the ends, Matt took it and replaced his old scarf, which I have to make "disappear." It took a few days to catch him in the scarf with a camera, and I was not given time to properly arrange the scarf on the model, but you get the idea. It would look nicer blocked, but that'll probably have to wait until spring.

While I like to have options for accessories, Matt really likes to have one, and only one set of everything.

One pair of exercise pants.

One hat, one scarf.

One bathing suit.

A pair of black dress shoes, a pair of brown.

One set of sneakers for running/tennis/walking, which he will not replace until they are literally falling apart.

We've come to a healthy compromise where I sneak new shoes in the house. I remember putting all of my running shoes in the shoe rack when we moved in together and him staring aghast. Granted, there are about 6 pairs of running shoes in there, but only one has enough life for long runs. Another pair I use for short runs, another pair I use for tennis or the gym when I'm not running, another I use for walks, and the last pair I use for anything that's to get really dirty. OK, that's only 5...there may be an unused pair in there....but when you train for marathons, you go through 2 or 3 pairs, depending on mileage, and while they won't have enough cushion to run ten miles, they still feel fine for other activities.

I've almost finished a pair of Saartje's Bootees, but there's still the seaming and buttons to finish, maybe this weekend. I've also been working on an elephant for one of the many babies that will be born this year. It just doesn't look like anything yet.

This is my first week of all 3 classes, to 3hr + night classes on Monday and Tuesday, and it's really exhausting...and the weeks not over yet. Still an exam tomorrow, luckily it's on beer. No really. Wanna hear about the German Beer Purity Act? :)


ponyknit said...

I think the one of everything is a man thing. I am like a girl scout and want to have backups.. he wouldn't want to see my shoe collection :)
Love the scarf!

allisonmariecat said...

Me: Honey, I have some nice charcoal grey wool. Do you want a new scarf this year?

My Matt: But I have a scarf you made me. (clutches it possessively)

Me: Yes, but another scarf. You know, that you could wear sometimes.

My Matt: I only wear one at a time!

I think it's something on the Y chromosome that prevents variety in outerwear.

At any rate, love the new scarf! And I suspect the German Beer Purity Act is not nearly so interesting in the reading as the drinking... I hope you make it through classes without too much exhaustion!