Thursday, August 21, 2008

The race is on

And I appear to be losing. At this rate, I will not be finishing this shawl in time for the October wedding.

Last weekend, we were in western MA for a wedding Friday, then attempted to go to IKEA to buy something for the wedding my husband is standing up in this weekend. Apparently, that was a grave mistake. Last weekend was tax free weekend, unbeknownst to us, and not only was IKEA bearing a strong resemblance to LAX, but apparently the thing to do on a Saturday afternoon is to take the Mass Pike to 495 to the Cape? to the Tweeter Center? (or whatever corporation it is named after now...)...I might never know. So instead of spending the majority of the afternoon shopping in "LAX" for the trendy/cheap/modern/prefab items that ended being out of stock, we counted our minutes passing per mile. (48 minutes to go 11 miles...) My appreciation of the lack of traffic in Burlington is renewed.

This weekend Matt has a bachelor party Friday night. In western MA, of course. Then there is a shower on Saturday in eastern MA for a piece of the October wedding madness. (I mustn't neglect any corners of MA when I come down) and then the actual wedding Matt will be standing up in on Sunday night.

I have high hopes to get in some knitting though, on Labor Day weekend. We'll be spending the weekend on a small island in Lake Champlain. With nothing to do but hike, camp, kayak, swim...and knit around a camp fire.

And look, my Dahlia is finally blooming :)
I promise to be less sarcastic once I get a September...


stella said...

I'm in central MA, if you're breezing thru. :)

allisonmariecat said...

Going from my parents' house to LAX is often a game of "minutes per mile." Yech. This sounds much worse than the day I accidentally went to the grocery store on senior discount day :)

The shawl is lovely! I hope you make your deadline, but it'll be beautiful whenever it's done.

Nichole said...

Hey Mary! Thanks for finding me and playing Pay It Forward! Can you send me your email so we can touch base?
Are you in MA? I'm in NH.